Maui 2016

The wanderlust is real.

I just recently got back from a quick trip to Maui (Ka’anapali to be exact), and I’m already ready for the next adventure.

In the meantime, I thought I would share some shots from our trip.

Maui is by far my favorite of the Hawaiian islands that I’ve visited. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia  and familiarity attached to it (I grew up going to Maui with my family); or perhaps it’s the perfect weather associated with it (this weather isn’t always guaranteed on a wetter island like Kauai).

Regardless, I love Maui, and we had an amazing trip there.

Pristine weather. Incredibly warm and inviting water. Great snorkeling. Not to mention the fresh fruit and Hawaiian shaved iced..

Pretty much, I didn’t want to leave. Here’s a little peak into our trip & the natural beauty of Maui.

IMG_7039 2


IMG_6947 2

IMG_7009 2

IMG_6940 2

IMG_7002 2

IMG_7021 2

IMG_7025 2

IMG_7029 2

IMG_7033 2



IMG_6996 2

IMG_7001 2


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