Garage Door Series

Today I was feeling an androgynous look, and this it how it all turned out.

I really love this jumpsuit and how effortlessly versatile it is. I’ve had it for a few years now, and it is seriously easy to wear.

It was also affordable, coming in under $30 from H&M. It is a cotton/linen fabric, which makes it perfect as a transitional piece from fall to winter – not too hot, not too cold.

But what I love most about this piece, as mentioned earlier, is how versatile it is. It is just as easy to wear it on its own, with sandals and messy waves, as it is to wear it more dressed up and polished for work or a date night.

Today I wore it to work with this structured, cropped blazer; and an elastic band belt with a bit of gold detailing. Because of the androgynous, monochrome look I had going on that far, I decided to make the outfit more playful and youthful with some pointy, leopard print heels and a half-up-half-down bun.

I ended up loving how the whole thing came together, so I wanted to share it with you.


 Blazer: H&M     |     Jumpsuit: H&M     |    Belt: H&M      |    Shoes: Nine West


9 thoughts on “Garage Door Series

  1. Musings says:

    Love this! I definitely need to buy a jumpsuit – they’re so effortlessly chic and everyone I’ve seen in one looks fabulous.

  2. Jessica Moore says:

    Love everything about this! And YOU! Just started looking at your blog and it makes me so happy. Missing you as always. XO

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