Things to Be Thankful For..

Unlike the more glitzy and glam holidays I love throughout the year, Thanksgiving is a day of the year where I consciously take a moment to reflect on everything that I have, and how appreciative I should be for every one of those things: both big and small.

A lot of what I am thankful for this year, hasn’t changed much from what I wrote last year (friends, family, health). But nonetheless, here are a few additional things (and non-things) that I am especially grateful for this year:

1. A Job(s): In college, you are often made to believe that if you get a degree, you will have a job after you graduate — but sometimes, that’s just not the case. So this year, I am grateful to have the 5 part-time jobs that I am balancing at the moment. It’s easy to get stressed & frustrated with everything that I have to do among those 5 jobs. But today, I am very grateful for each and every one of those jobs – as they have provided me with a life that I am very fortunate to be living.

2. Throwing Parties: This may sound a bit superficial, but I cannot tell you how much I love throwing parties/gatherings/get-togethers with my friends. I have grown such a profound love for party-planning, as it is the best excuse for me to get all (or most) of my favorite people all in one place at one time. At a time in our lives where we are all busy, trying to establish ourselves professionally and personally, it is sometimes difficult to make time to see each friend in a one-on-one setting. My friends have really become my family in the last year, so I like to see them as much as I can. Thus, throwing parties is my way of spending time with all of my closest friends, & also taking part in the fun, festive planning/decorating that goes along with it.

3. My Car: In the past few months, I’ve realized just how costly it can be to buy a new car, and just how much of an investment it is to own a car. I’ve been seriously looking into buying myself a new car recently; but on a day like today, I am decidedly grateful at the fact that I even have a car that gets me from A to B. I am grateful for my sweet little Corolla, that is reliable, deals with my spills & thrills, & has seen me through a lot of years & a lot of commutes.

4. Traveling: I haven’t traveled a whole lot this year, but nonetheless, I am very grateful for the trips I have taken, and the places I’ve been able to visit. As cliche as it may be, traveling really is the one thing in life that you can buy that makes you richer. I love getting to see new places & experience different cultures, just as much as I love coming home from traveling and realizing what an awesome place I have to call home.  I am very grateful for the traveling I’ve been able to do, and for the traveling that hopefully lies ahead of me.



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