Friendsgiving 2015


My boyfriend and I hosted our first ever friendsgiving this week, and we genuinely had the best time.

I wanted to do friendsgiving last year, but scheduling made it impossible, so I was ecstatic when I got the chance to host it this year.

A lot of Pinterest pinning, researching how many lbs of turkey to make per person, grocery shopping, and napkin ironing later, it was easily one of the best nights of the year.


[before the guests arrived: I wore a Topshop shirt, a mustard yellow Forever 21 midi skirt, & camel pumps from Target]

It was my first time hosting a dinner party without my parents, which was intimidating & super exciting all at once. For the table: I used my parent’s wedding china, wooden chargers, along with alternating gold & silver utensils. We had 17 people there all together, and though that made it a bit stressful in the planning process, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. (If I could have, I would have had every single one of my best friends there!)

I loved that all 17 of us were hovered around the kitchen island for a good part of the night, helping, cooking, cleaning, contributing & just enjoying the good company, up until it was time to start the meal.

We did our friendsgiving potluck style: I handled the turkey, gravy, rolls, and mulled wine; my boyfriend did stuffing and beer; and everyone else brought a dish/dessert of their own to share. [Side note: my first time making turkey on my own = successful! That was easily the most stressful part for me.]


[all your usual Thanksgiving dishes]

I loved the tablescape I went with. It was simple, minimalistic, but still festive (a la the fresh pine branches I took from our cabin in big bear & cinnamon-scented pine cones my friend brought me). I kept it clean with just a few candlesticks lining the center of the table, which were eventually complimented with bottles on bottles of red wine. I used black linen napkins and made rosemary wreaths for place settings.


At a time in our lives where everything is so busy and stressful, it was the perfect opportunity to sit around a table with some of your closest friends, and just laugh and tell stories and cheers (about 10 times) to good friends & good food.

I hope this inspires you to host your own friendsgiving, & I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving as well!


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