It has been a while!

What’s new with me:

– I’m back teaching at SDSU this fall, and I have two classes of my own (138 students all together). Things are crazy, things are stressful, but things are also really great.

–  Still working my 3 social media gigs, and that is keeping me very busy in my spare time. I now have my own business cards, which makes me feel super happy. I think I might go out and do a little networking with local businesses after this semester is over.

– I am SO excited for the onset of fall … cue heavy knits, scarves, boots, hats, & spiced lattes of all sorts.

Things are so busy for me, and I’m sad to not be able to write here consistently, but here’s a little sneak peak of my favorite things lately:

image1[one of our favorite date night spots: Bagby Beer]

image2[the moodiest morning made for an awesome picture]

image6[umbrellas on a sunny day made me so happy]

image4[a lovely end-of-summer sunset in Carlsbad]

image5[laying with Pinky in my pink pajamas]

image3[a reminder to always look up]


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