Friday Favorites

The sun has been in hiding here in San Diego for what feels like months (probably only been weeks though, if I’m honest). It is amazing how the dreary weather immediately affected my mood, and made the past few weeks of summer feel somewhat anticlimactic.

Luckily the sun has finally decided to come back around, and I finally feel like I’m back to being myself  & enjoying all things summer-y!

This weekend, my boyfriend and I are having a “staycation” here in Carlsbad, where we’re hoping to take advantage of being walking distance to breakfast cafes, the beach, awesome Mexican food, and a new speakeasy that we’re hoping to try out! (You can see our staycation from last summer here.) I forecast lots of sleeping in, eating, beach-going, and pool-lounging, and  I couldn’t be more excited to detach from work and relax.

It’s always fun being a tourist in your own town, which is something I wish I could do.

Here are a few things that made me happy the past few weeks — I hope they make you happy too!

image4[the coolest coffee shop, perhaps ever, in North Park: Holsem Coffee]

image5[4th of July bbq “photobooth”]

image6[finally, the sun came out]


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