Beautiful Blogs

The power of the Internet and social media, can be a blessing & a burden. But most often, I like to think of it as a blessing.

Part of that blessing, is the ability to curate, explore, and share knowledge & information with others. After all, what are the best parts of life if not shared with others?

So.. I thought I would compile a list of my favorite & most inspiring blogs, categorized by focus. I hope they inspire you too, & I’d love to know yours!


Cupcakes & Cashmere: My favorite blog/blogger, ever. The first blog I ever followed, and the first site I look at every morning (Mon-Fri). Emily delivers exceptional content, & is incredibly relatable (and her wild success is so inspiring!). I’ll follow her as long as her blog is online.

Food & Drink

The Vivid Pantry: My best friend’s blog & a beautiful place for food inspiration and great writing. I love that her recipes are approachable, simple, diverse, and beautifully photographed.

The Vanilla Bean Blog: One of the first food blogs I followed, and one where I go to for decadent dessert inspo. Oh, and her photographs are just stunning.

The Little Loaf: A fun new discovery full of lovely dessert recipes & great writing.

Kitchy Kitchen: I love Claire’s YouTube channel, & I just recently starting reading her blog. I love that she makes even more advanced recipes seem attainable, all the while looking so chic & fun!


Atlantic Pacific: My ultimate style icon/go to fashion blogger. If I could have anyone’s wardrobe, it would be Blaire’s.

Barefoot Blonde: I’ve been following Amber for a few years, & I’ve always loved her sense of fashion. I also enjoy reading her blog posts, as they always seem genuine & transparent, while also being informative & fun.


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