Coffee Shops: Encinitas

ironsmith coffee roasters - best coffee shops in Encinitas

best coffee shops in encinitas; ironsmith coffee roasters

As you probably already know from this post, I love Encinitas. In my opinion, it is the perfect beach town, full of quaint restaurants, kitschy shops, fun bars, lots of yoga studios, and most noteworthy, an array of wonderful little coffee shops.

Although I know it’s not cost-effective (sorry, bank account), I love the ritual of grabbing a coffee every morning before work. It gives me something small to look forward to, and always seems to get my day started on the right foot. And conveniently for me, I drive right through Encinitas every day to get to work.

Last week, I made it an informal goal to try a different drink from a different coffee shop, every morning on my way to work. Although there were several stops that I didn’t make it to b/c of time constraints (i.e. Lofty Coffee Co – one of my favorites), it was such a treat venturing away from my Starbucks habit.

Let me start by saying that I am NO coffee expert (nor do I plan to ever be), but I thought I’d do a quick review on my little coffee shop excursion, highlighting a few of my favorite stops:

ironsmith coffee roasters - best coffee shops in Encinitas

Ironsmith Coffee Roasters: Ironsmith is a new addition to the Encinitas beach community, and I already know they will flourish. From the indoor-outdoor ambiance, to the industrial touches, to the ornate experience of watching them create each drink by hand — this place is rad. Also, shoutout to the owners for making ordering drinks super simple by providing a menu, complete with a breakdown of what makes up each and every drink. I went there on two occasions and tried (1) my first flat white and (2) a delicious Coconut Vanilla Peachy Lemon Iced Tea.

pannikin - best coffee shops in encinitas

Pannikin Coffee & Tea: An oldy, but a goody. I think my favorite part of this place is the building: an old, restored train depot, with the sweetest pale yellow exterior. I can always count on the Pannikin for a delicious, homemade pastry, and an uber-refreshing Moroccan Mint Iced Green Tea. Another bonus: all of the outside seating available. I love taking a walk down Coast Highway with my mom, and making this our destination/turn-around point.

cafe ipe - best coffee shops in encinitas

Cafe Ipe: I have already mentioned Cafe Ipe before, and for good reason. They have a great array of pastries and sandwiches (seriously, one of the best BLT’s I’ve ever had came form this place), and the teas they carry are some of my favorites. I also very much appreciate the fact that they almost always carry sprinkled donuts (my obsession). My go do drink: a White Coconut Creme Iced Tea (you have to wait 5 minutes for it to steep, before they pour it over ice, but trust me, it’s worth it).


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