25 Reflections

simplylouise, 25, birthday reflections

Two words: Quarter. Century.

simplylouise, 25, birthday reflections

Wow. I turned 25 last week, and although it is a harsh reality to realize that I am now in my mid-twenties, at the same time, I feel ready.

Ready to begin another year, ready to continue learning and growing, and ready to continue to integrate into the ‘adult world’ (hello, 1099’s and student loans). But just as much as I’m excited looking forward, I can’t help but look back as well. I love this blog because I can reflect back in time to see who I was, how I’ve changed, what I was doing, what things I dreamt of, or what I was nervous about.

I am a sucker for nostalgia, so the day after my birthday, I went back and looked through some of my first blog posts, with a now 25-year-old heart, and found myself cringing, smiling, giggling, and really soaking in how I’ve changed in the past 3 years.

So with that, here are 25 quick (and somewhat random) reflections that speak to where I currently stand in my life, at the ‘ripe’ age of 25:

1. Nobody’s perfect, especially not me

2. My favorite quote is still “You can never be overdressed or overeducated” – Oscar Wilde

3. It’s okay if you don’t exactly have all of your sh*t together, all the time

4. When in doubt, avoid shots of hard alcohol — the hangover isn’t worth it

5. Quality trumps quantity, particularly with friendships

6. Being pale may not be glamourous, but neither is skin cancer

7. Balancing alone time with being social is still a task – and that’s okay

8. Trust in relationships (of all sorts) means more to me than anything else

9. No need to deprive yourself of things you love (i.e. Nutella.. french fries.. sleep), just enjoy them in moderation

10. Hand-written notes go a long way, still

11. Having several part-time jobs can be really stressful, but it also keeps me constantly stimulated, which I now love

12. Yoga is worth the money (to me), it really is

13. Despite the fact that I minored in Political Science, I cannot stand discussing politics with people

14. I really, really love hosting parties

15. Always go at your own pace, whether it be regarding moving out, marriage, exercising, pursuing a career, etc.

16. Laugh at yourself, whenever possible — it makes you more approachable and compassionate

17. Not having one religion that speaks to all of your beliefs doesn’t mean you don’t believe in something greater than you

18. A few of the things that my parents taught me, which I am most grateful for now: manners, compassion, and humor

19. My biggest personal struggle: not taking things so personally

20. I’m growing more and more grateful for my family, my boyfriend, and my dearest friends each day — I have some really great people in my life

21. Having a slight obsession with makeup, beauty, skincare, etc., doesn’t make me shallow — it’s just something fun that I’m interested in

22. In order to take care of others, you also have to care for yourself

23. Being a truly helpless romantic/sap is part of who I am, and I have stopped apologizing for being “cheesy”

24. Blood is thicker than water.. my family will always come first

25. At the end of every day, time is worth way more to me than money ever will be

Cheers to reflection, to growing up, to staying young at heart, and to really embracing who you are in this moment.


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