Hi, again!

I am super excited to be blogging today..

1) because it’s almost February (a.k.a one of my favorite months of the year)

2) because I have a pretty darn exciting weekend planned ahead of me

3) because I actually have the energy and time to be creative — and it feels amazing!

Where to begin? This Saturday my boyfriend and I are having a joint birthday party, which will include a limo bus out to Temecula for some wine tasting with about 20 of our dearest friends. I’m stupidly giddy about the bloody mary & mimosa bar that I’m going to be setting up for everyone before; and am even more excited that one of my very best, best friends and her husband are coming out from AZ to celebrate with us! It should be a pretty great day.

Then, there’s the Super Bowl on Sunday, which I am also really pumped for! I wish different teams were playing (NOT a fan of Caroll or Belichick), but I am still looking forward to the traditions of making homemade chili, lounging on the couch all day, and watching the ever anticipated commercials and halftime show (oh hey, Katy Perry!).

Come February 2nd, it’s all back to business (I’m starting work for my newest social media client); but until then, I am going to enjoy living on this little cloud of fun, friends, wine, and football 🙂

Here are a few simple additional bits that have also made me happy this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

image1[yummy flour-free banana pancakes {a la my bestie’s blog}, that I did not do justice with this pic]

image2[the prettiest view of my boyfriend’s backyard & a cotton candy sky]

image4[couldn’t help but snap a shot of this quote atop the library in Downtown L.A.]

image3[my first lemonade experience: amazing]

image5[a glimpse of an awesome moment at the Eric Church concert in L.A. last weekend, during his song “These Boots”]

image6[a lovely evening in downtown Carlsbad earlier this week]

image7[I’ve already mentioned this brand once on my blog, but their drinks are literally THAT good]


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