Things to be Thankful For..


Today is Thanksgiving, and I thought, what better way to commemorate the holiday by verbalizing a few things I am especially thankful for this year.

Yes, I am thankful for most of these things (or non-things) year round, but there is something about writing it out, that really brings everything into perspective.. and makes you realize what really matters most.

So without rambling any longer, here is what I am especially thankful for this year:

1. My Health: Lately, not a day goes by where I am not reminded of how lucky I am to be in good health, and to have my family in good health. Life really is so short, and if you are lucky enough to be blessed with good health, then gosh, be sure to live up each and every day, because not all are as fortunate. More than anything else, this is really what I am grateful for today.

2. My Family: Not everyone is fortunate enough to have parents who are so unconditionally loving, a brother who is so selfless, an extended family that is so supportive, and pets that are so loyal. When it comes down to it, the joys of life just aren’t as joyful without people you love to share them with. I will forever and always be grateful for my family.

3. A Healthy Relationship: no relationship is perfect, but I am incredibly lucky to be in a healthy, long-lasting relationship. My boyfriend and I are celebrating 8 years next March, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have someone like him in my life. Mutual respect, trust, balance, and support are what seem to propel us forward in the same direction, together.

4. My Education: Knowledge is power, and I thank my lucky stars each week that I have had the opportunity to get my Master’s Degree, and to now have the opportunity to share everything that I have learned with others. Knowledge is always better experienced when shared.

5. Old & New Friends: Make new friends but keep the old… you know the rest. The past couple of years I have realized how amazing it is to be able to meet new friends and totally vibe with them, but then still all the while, have life-long childhood friends, who you may not see everyday, but you immediately re-bond with them, time after time. I have a handful of lifelong friends, a couple handfuls of friends I met in college, and another handful of new friends, all of whom I am incredibly, and equally grateful for today.

6. Living by the Beach: I am lucky enough to live a mere 10 minutes from the beach, and I try to remind myself as often as I can, that I am so lucky to live where I do. San Diego is an incredible city to live in, and I hope to live here for as long as I possibly can. It is (generally) such an unassuming place, with a laid back mentality that you don’t find in most beach communities. This year, I am particularly thankful for where I live

6. Good Food: This may sound a bit more superficial compared to the other things I’ve listed, but I am truly grateful for good food. Whether it’s making dinner with my family, or going out to dinner with my friends or boyfriend, there are few things better than sharing a conversation over a delicious meal.

7. Our Cabin in Big Bear: Our family cabin has become the perfect getaway after those weeks where you just need an escape. It is tucked away, right at the border of the National Forest, and its cozy, woodsy aura seems to just melt away any stress that has accumulated. This year, I have been especially thankful for our cabin.

7. Blogs: I am innately a creative person, but don’t always have time to indulge in arts and crafts like I’d like to, which is why I am thankful for blogs. There are a handful of lifestyle blogs that I read daily, that keep that creative bone fulfilled, and give me something light and bright to look forward to, even on the most stressful days. It has become a morning ritual for me to sit down and read my 3-4 favorite blogs before I get my day started, and I am truly grateful for the inspiration and smiles that they bring me, Monday-Friday.


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