Big Bear

My mom’s side of the family has had a cabin up in Big Bear since the 80s, and I have just begun to really appreciate and enjoy all of it’s woodsy, cozy, comforting, 70s-esque glory. Big Bear is only about 3 hours from where we live, but you really feel like you’re out in the woods — I love it!

My boyfriend and I have been going up there more frequently in the past year, making our own small contributions here and there (new microwave, some mason jar glasses, winter-inspired flannel sheets, etc.), and it has been such a fun project.

We have had trips up there where it’s just us, and we’ve also invited friends to come up with us, and it has all been seriously so memorable.

So.. I thought I would share with you some of the pictures from our most recent trips, and at the bottom, I’ve linked to some of our new favorite places to hit when/if you’re ever up there.
















Places to check out:

Big Bear Mountain Brewery: A more recent edition to The Village at Big Bear, with a great beer selection, nice food menu, awesome venue, and an even better view of the lake (from upstairs that is!)

572 Social: A little piece of modern-chic in the midst of a mountain community. This place is brand new, and SO cool — from the menu to the outside seating area to the quirky sculptures and paintings of Albert Einstein.

Hacienda Grill: If you’re in the mood for Mexican, this place has a nice, traditional menu, and a large array of indoor and outdoor seating.

Grifters: A born again, hole-in-the-wall bar in Sugarloaf.  It has that iconic, diner/sports bar feel, all the while keeping things consistent with the mountain vibes (they have a little fireplace inside, so fun!). There is also billiards and shuffleboard.

Thelma’s:  I have very happy memories of going to Thelma’s with my family many years ago, and when we went back this past year, those smiley, nostalgic feelings came flooding back. This little cafe is quaint and gets the job done with great prices and good portion sizes.


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