Fridays are for: fun… and in my case, reflection.

This week was pretty crazy busy, and so I am happy to see the arrival of a very not-busy weekend.

I have Saturday and Sunday off this week, and I am extra grateful to have those two days to relax, detox, and regroup. Today I told myself that I need to take a moment to sit back and reflect on the things that matter most, and to simultaneously let go of the trivial stressors from the week: work, finances, scheduling, etc.

One time someone told me that the best way to let things that are bothering you go, is by writing them down on a chalk board or white board, taking a good look at what you wrote, and then when you’re ready, erase each item and let it all go.

I don’t have a chalk board handy, but here’s to letting go of the small stuff, and embracing what makes us most happy. Below are just a simple few of these things that made me most happy this week.

Have a wonderful weekend.

image    [gorgeous red dress for a special event coming up later this year (ignore my bare feet!)]

image_2[after a long day at work on Tuesday, my boyfriend made me dinner, which we ate outside: by far the best night of the week]

image_3[easily my new favorite lip product: ‘Super Natural’ Super Lustrous Lipgloss by Revlon.

image_1[me and two of my girlfriends at the Katy Perry concert earlier this week]

image[a sweet reminder that it’s okay to be guarded]




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