Product Shout Out

This is my second ‘Product Shout Out’ post (see my first one here), and I am really excited to share this next one.

It has been unseasonably warm here in San Diego since… well, for a while, and so I have been reaching for cream and liquid makeup products, versus powders. And all throughout the summer, I had been dead set on finding a cream bronzer/contour product, that would look more dewy and natural than a powder bronzer.

Enter: Maybelline Fit Me Sine-Free Foundation in ‘330 – Toffee’

Okay, so this is technically a foundation, but I use it (several shades darker than my skin tone) for contouring, and I am utterly and completely hooked.


First of all, it has mattifying qualities, so it has helped to keep oil at bay in these warmer months. Next, the fact that is is a stick is also perfect for contouring: one simple swipe from my ear down the hollow of my cheek and I have a perfect start to my contour!

The particular shade I have also has a nice, olive undertone, which is often more natural looking than contour products with red undertones; and I find that once it is blended (I use a synthetic brush from Real Techniques to blend it out), it delivers such a natural shadow to all the right parts of my face.

What can I say, it is a great product for a great price! As I mentioned, I don’t use this product as a foundation, so I am not sure how it performs in that field, but holy moly it is amazing for contouring!


I hope this was helpful in sparking inspiration on what drugstore makeup item to buy next! And for those of you looking for a cream contour product, definitely try this one out!

** Leave a comment belowΒ if you would like to see a more in depth contour walk-through **


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