This week marked my last week of summer, and my last week before I leave the world of being a student and enter the world of being a college instructor: someone pinch me.

My emotions are mixed. I am on one side, so excited to begin the next chapter of my life and to really feel like a grown-up, but on the other hand, am sad to see something good end — the very much unappreciated life of a student.

This past week was filled with work, meetings, and lots of prep work for the semester; but it was not without simple moments that made me feel like summer wasn’t quite over yet, and those moments gave me so much comfort in a time where there is a lot of change occurring.

So here is to the end of something wonderful, the start of something very exciting, and to all the little moments in between that make the journey all that much better.

Have a great weekend.

image_3[that time my mom made my post next to a mosaic bull]

image[hanging lights/lanterns and a beautiful sunset]

image_1[a beachy mural in Solana Beach]

image_2[a potential DIY project for the distant future — cement block succulent garden structure]


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