What’s In My Bag

It’s such a simple thing, but I love finding out what my girlfriends keep in their purses. I feel like it’s a little sneak peek into their lives and definitely hints at their personalities and quirks (which I love!).

I thought I’d share what’s been in my purse lately, doing my best to keep out the hundreds of floating bobby pins, gum wrappers, and lone-ranger earrings.

I hope you like it and find it somewhat interesting!

image purse - Copy[my purse: Kate Spade]

image - Copy[Kate Spade wallet, SPY sunglasses (style: Honey), Tory Burch eye glasses, headphones, iPhone charger]

image_2[keys, snack, pen, secret feminine product canister, mints, hair ties]

image_3[too many lip products…]

image_1[Forever21 makeup bag filled with: touch up powder/brush, hand cream, mascara, sample perfume vials, and again,Β more lip products]

image_4[floating bobby pins, a sad-looking comb, lipstick brush, concealer pencil, and a hair barrette]


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