Travel Essentials

I am so very excited to get to say that I will be heading to the Dominican Republic in a few short weeks. Hellooo summer!

 I cannot wait to venture to a new country, experience the Caribbean for the first time, and have a whole week dedicated to nothing but sun, sand, the beach, and lots of relaxation.

As I anxiously await our departure date, I have started to put together a packing list of some of the necessities that I will be bringing with me on the trip. I thought I’d make a post dedicated to what I will be packing (aka some of my ‘travel essentials’), hoping that it will bring on an early excitement for summer — and simultaneously help me get organized. This isn’t everything I’ll be taking, but it’s a healthy start!


IMG_2442[sunscreen, body lotion, touch up nail polish & file, sunless tan, fresh-scented body wash]


IMG_2443[facial sunscreen, cleanser, toner, day/night moisturizer, eye cream]


IMG_2444[mascara, black liner, BB cream, concealer, bronzer, shimmery eye palette, cheek stain, lip gloss, lip stick, lip balm]

Plane Kit

IMG_2445[therapeutic toning water, hand cream, lip balm, mints, neck pillow, eye mask, book, a snack, comfy shoes]


IMG_2447[mix ‘n’ match bikinis, no-fuss sandals, hat]


IMG_2449[fresh perfume, simple gold jewelry, head scarf, sun glasses, wrinkle release spray]

I still have a ways to go re: packing, but I think this is a good start! I hope this inspires you to venture out on a vacation, or even just gets you excited for summer 🙂


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