The past week and a half has been a whirlwind..

It started with the fires in San Diego – one of which affected my family. One of the 9 fires in the county burned down a house in my neighborhood and forced my family to evacuate. Luckily our home (and many others) were saved and my family and friends are all safe. Still, the devastation these fires have left in our communities is tragic, and I wish only the best for those who lost their homes. The fires made me really sit down and realize what’s important in life: family and the health and safety of loved ones.

Then I graduated with my Master’s a week ago today. It still feels surreal. Among all the chaos, it was a really beautiful day full of joy and accomplishment. The ceremony and celebrations I shared with my peers, professors, and family were definitely silver linings among otherwise stressful circumstances. After my family went out to dinner and tried this restaurant for the first time, which was absolutely delicious! I am so excited to have graduated and to begin this next chapter of life.

As you read this, I will be in Arizona, hiking into the Grand Canyon to camp at Havasupai Indian Reservation. I did this same trip last year, and it was absolutely breathtaking and such a wonderful adventure. This is the first of a few adventures I have planned these next few months, and I couldn’t be more excited to kick off my summer in this manner!  I won’t have any kind of service down there, so I wanted to schedule a Friday Favorites post for while I’m gone.

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy, and has a wonderful weekend. Also, do me a favor and hug those you care about most a little tighter for me today — they really are the most important part of life.

grad[graduation day]

acai[my first Nekter experience]

grad gift[already showcasing two of my beautiful graduation presents: a darling & inspirational print and my dream candle]

firepit[a calm, relaxing evening before the San Diego firestorms]


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