I am so sad that I missed my ‘Favorites’ post last week.  I was under the weather and ultra busy with school, so there was little time (and energy!) for me to write.

But here I am, back at it! This week was my final week of school, and I cannot even believe it. A week from today, I will be graduating with my Master’s from San Diego State University. It’s a bittersweet moment when something good comes to an end, but I still cannot wait to graduate and begin the next chapter of my life (and hopefully have more time to write here too!).

Lately I have found most inspiration in foodie bits, via homemade margaritas on Cinco de Mayo, late night froy0 runs, and a weekly breakfast tradition that my mom and I started. With that in mind, here are a few of my foodie favorites from the past 2 weeks.

Cheers to the weekend (and more good food)!

image(3)[tasty toppings for our taco bar]

image(1)[the best crepes (ever!) from here]

image(2)[his & hers frozen yogurt during a Game of Thrones marathon]

image[my attempt at artful food staging via my homemade Cinco de Mayo margarita]


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