This week was insanely productive, as I started a new job, continued with my other 3 jobs, finished the final draft of my thesis, and spent a night with some of my best girlfriends having dinner and catching up. I have been talking about school and work so much lately, so getting to spend quality time with girls who I have known for years, was such a refreshing reminder of what matters most in life: the people you love.

I forgot how much I missed all of us being together every weekend, but I am just so grateful for those somewhat rare moments where we are all there, chatting and laughing and jumping right back to exactly how we all were 5 years ago. This week, my friends made me happy, but here are just a few other things that also helped keep my spirits up amongst the craziness!


IMG_1616[guilty pleasure]

IMG_1642[a pretty walk by Swami’s]

IMG_1685[pink lips + selfie]

IMG_1654[my kitty came downstairs for the first time in 4 years!]

IMG_1682[marking my territory]


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