This week was a bit of “the calm before the storm”, and I tried my best to enjoy every minute of it.

Next week, I will be turning in my thesis to my committee members for them to review. From there, I have a week to work with the feedback they give me, before I defend my thesis on April 22nd (I cannot believe it’s almost here!). Aside from my school work, I will also be starting a new job next week.. which will be my fourth part-time job. I am so so very excited for new opportunities (and new clothes – hint, hint), but am nervous as to how I am going to manage to balance everything successfully without spinning out of control.

The chaos that is about to be my life, is all good stuff though – and I need to embrace it with open arms and be grateful for every opportunity for growth and success. With all of this ahead of me, it is so important that I remain grounded, and remember to find happiness in both the simple things in life, as well as these more monumental moments. So with that being said, here is a tribute to the simple things that made me happy this past week.

IMG_1590[the passenger seat of my car, currently]

IMG_1596[the prettiest vanilla latte + baby succulent]

IMG_1571[my kitty in her favorite place: her bed which has been cushioned with my furry vest]

IMG_1594[a beautiful day for some stairs at the beach]

IMG_1567[pretty new running shoes that were a gift from a friend]


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