Product Shout Out

I am a confessed beauty addict, with an extreme obsession with makeup.

Anything from Rimmel to Chanel – I really love it all. And because I’m such a fanatic, I tend to hoard makeup – very rarely going through an entire disk of blush or using up a whole tube of lip gloss. But in the past year, I have found one product that stands out above all the rest, which I am almost out of. It’s a product that I will continue to buy for as long as I like a good old-fashioned red lip.

Enter: Stila ‘stay all day liquid lipstick’ in the color ‘Beso’.


I originally got the travel size in one of my Birchboxes, and fell in love as soon as I tried it. This stuff is unreal. Whenever I tried to pull off a bold lip in the past, I would find that the color would bleed out within minutes of me applying it — even when I used lip liner. That was, until I found Beso, which entirely erased my fear of wearing a brighter, bolderΒ  lip color.


I’ve never found a lip product with such staying power – it literally does not budge. The formulation is very matte, and a tad bit drying, but the lasting power and the intense opaque color makes it worthwhile. This particular color also happens to be the perfect cool-toned red, which is flattering on all skin tones and makes your teeth look extra white.

I truly can’t say enough good stuff about this product. I’d recommend it anyone — even if you don’t have issues with your lipstick bleeding. I am proud to say that as a confessed makeup hoarder, I am almost finished with the tube, and can’t wait to repurchase another one!


P.S. If you wanted to go for a glossier red lip, I’d just apply a sheer layer of a red gloss on top, focusing just on the center of your lips, avoiding the edges.


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