I am officially on Spring Break, and I couldn’t be more excited! Although I will still be working and simultaneously working to finish my thesis, I am so looking forward to a week of “no school”.

Spring is in full force, I just ordered my cap and gown, and I’m going to a themed party this weekend, so I am feeling pretty darn happy right now. I’m hoping to get a good amount of school work done the next few days so that I can make time this next week to: make a day trip to L.A., try a new yoga studio, and spend an afternoon celebrating yesterday’s relationship milestone.

Here are just a few more simple things that have also been making me happy lately.

Have a great weekend!!

IMG_1443[apricot nails + leopard print]

IMG_1377[a yummy boba Thai tea from the farmer’s market on campus]

IMG_1373[pretty spring sky]

IMG_1381[a round up of some of my favorite spring-inspired nail polishes]

IMG_1391[finally hopped on the ‘daisy trend’ train in the form of my newest playsuit]

IMG_1416[a glimpse of our anniversary dinner: wine + tapas at Solterra]


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