7 Years

Since I recently told my boyfriend about my blog – that I’ve been keeping a secret from pretty much everyone for 2 years – I wanted to make a tribute post to him today… Kyle I hope you’re reading this.

I have been together with my boyfriend for 7 years today, and without sounding totally cheesy and cliche, it’s been the best 7 years I could have ever asked for.

I could share a random assortment of the many awesome pictures that we’ve taken together over the years, or I could just share a simple quote – courtesy of Chelsea Petaja of Oh My Deer Handmades – that perfectly represents how I’m feeling today. I totally believe that some people are just destined to come into our lives, and I know that Kyle was absolutely destined to come into mine.

Just like the quote says, he has been a part of my soul since the beginning.. since before I even knew him, and I am so very grateful for that. I’m very lucky to have known him, loved him, and shared my life with him for the past 7 years. Here’s to 7 more, babe!

chelsea+petaja+oh+my+deer+calligraphy+wedding+nicole+hiton+1[Picture courtesy of: Chelsea Petaja of ‘Oh My Deer Handmades’]


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