Cute New Suits

For several months now, San Diego has had [pretty] consistently warm weather, with temperatures often in the 70’s.

This type of weather has made me even more anxious and excited for summer to arrive. I’m now anticipating the onset of lazy beach days, country concerts, spontaneous day-cations, and lots of crop tops and flip flops.

As a way of putting the tremendous amount of school work I should be doing out of mind, I wanted to share several of my favorite swim picks for this year – whether it be a favorite brand, cut, or color –  for this upcoming summer season.

lolli-swimwear--large-msg-134430339417[These bottoms though… could they be any sweeter?]

url-1[This take on a tankini is way flattering and super practical for anyone who’s active on the beach/in the water (I’m thinking it’d be great for when I go wakeboarding)]

TRIANGL---INDIANNA-ICE-1[Love the sporty, sexy look of this brand’s fun range of styles and colors — particularly in ‘Indiana Ice’.]

img-thing[Love the ruffles and color on this top, particularly for those of us who are smaller in the chest region.]

url[I’m a huge fan of the bandaging and boning of this top (Love it so much, I already own it!).]

* Disclaimer: I did not take any of the above pictures myself – I found them via Google Image Search or on the company website *


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