Farmer’s Markets

I have been trying to make it over to some of the local farmer’s markets around my house, for months now, but sadly have had little-to-no free weekends, so I haven’t had the chance.

A few weekend’s back though, I finally had an afternoon to myself, and the farmer’s market was the first place I wanted to go.

I love the idea of supporting local farmers and mom-and-pop brands, while also getting great quality products at affordable prices. I made it over to the Solana Beach Farmer’s Market on Cedros Avenue that particular weekend, but I want to make it a goal to try to go to a different market every few weeks.

Below are some pictures of the amazing stuff they’re selling, as well as a link to the Union Tribune’s list of the best farmer’s markets in San Diego.

IMG_1023[my super casual OOTD I wore]

IMG_1028[the backside of the market]

IMG_1029[the prettiest spring flowers in my leopard tote]

IMG_1033[some of my goods: strawberries, artichokes, kiwis, and heirloom tomatoes]

IMG_1034[not pictured: kale & yams]

If you’re interested, check out a few of San Diego’s Best Farmers Markets.


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