This week was sheer business: work, school, work, and more school. Minus Tuesday night when I  ventured out for Taco Tuesday with a few couples, it was all work and [little to no] play.

Because I have been feeling ultra overwhelmed lately, I made a special point to appreciate the really simple things in life that make a day a little brighter, a moment a little fancier, or my heart a little lighter. It’s times like these which remind me of why I first started writing this blog a few years ago: to highlight the simple things in life that make the average every day, sparkle. I’m so glad that I have this outlet to help me feel like I’m free of all life’s little trials and tribulations — even if for just a few minutes.

This weekend I hope to make time for a few beach walks, breakfast with an old friend, and to enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been having! Cheers to another weekend of March, another weekend closer to spring, and for me, another weekend closer to graduation!

IMG_1262[simple indulgences: French macaroons]

IMG_1304[sun tea]

IMG_1279[standard So-Cal weather]

IMG_1281[a lunch date with myself at Lofty]

IMG_1268[that one night this week when I was in bed by 9pm, watching The Vow, eating froyo]


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