This week I was coming down from the natural high of being away up in the snowy mountains last weekend (so magical); and I always find it seriously difficult to function properly right after a vacation. But with this being the first full week of March, I am now looking forward to spring, which is just around the corner.

I love the onset of spring, with its dewy mornings, slightly chilly evenings, and pastel colors around every corner. It also means spring cleaning! Conveniently, tomorrow my neighborhood is having our annual garage sale, and I am planning on doing a good, hefty bit of purging in order to participate in it. So here’s to a fresh, clean start to a new month! I hope you have a great weekend.

IMG_0971[the most delicious juice, in the sweetest glass bottle]

IMG_0928[ombre shades of blue and purple via my workout tops]

IMG_1003[invigorating new green tea, from Harney & Sons, in the flavor ‘Organic Bankok’]

IMG_0965[best. donuts. ever.]

IMG_0931[my definition of a perfect spring scent – creamy, fresh, and feminine]

IMG_0986[a nice view from one of my beach walks]


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