Inspiration Organization


As much as I love crowdsourcing for inspiration on the internet via blogs, vlogs and online articles, I still love the feeling of flipping the pages of a magazine or book. Revolutions such as Pintrest have made organizing and capturing inspiration that we find online so much easier, but I still tend to resist some of that digital urge, and continue purchase paperback magazines as well.

For years I found that I would find a product, outfit, trend, or a fun fact in a magazine, but would end up just forgetting about it once the magazine was tossed in the recycling. So, I decided to make my own type of ‘Pintrest’ organization system so that I can keep track of all the simple little things that I find to be inspiring or interesting, without having to write anything down.

I started with the large pile of magazine pages I had ripped out over the past couple of years, and made a way to keep them safe, organized, and easy to access. I simply took a few clear sheet covers that you can find at any office supplies store, and dedicated each one to a different category of inspiration: beauty, nutrition/recipes, home decor, and fashion. I haven’t yet made labels for each of my little folders, but because they’re clear, it’s easy enough to decipher which is which.

It’s a simple (and somewhat outdated) system that I use, but I love that when I’m in the mood for a little fashion, food, or beauty inspiration, I know exactly where to turn to, and can find just the thing to spark that creative light in me.







2 thoughts on “Inspiration Organization

  1. pjulianp says:

    okay whoa, i need to show you my “creativity binder”–i’ve seriously done the same thing with magazines since I was a little girl & still one of my favorite things to do to get inspired & organize thoughts…!candace moment πŸ™‚ love this& you ❀

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