Bar Cart

Although I am not a huge fan of alcohol, I have such a thing with bar carts. I think the obsession started with Emily Schuman’s version in her old apartment, which was perfectly industrial, yet so chic at the same time.

For my boyfriend’s birthday last month I bought him this bar cart from Target. It’s both masculine and posh, and has that sort of lived-in, well-loved look, even though it’s brand spankin’ new. Since he and his roommate both enjoy making cocktails, I thought a bar cart would be a perfect touch to the ‘bachelor pad’ vibe they have going.

I really like seeing how other people stock their bar carts, so I thought I’d share how I helped my beau set his up. It still needs some finishing touches (a la more bar tools, whiskey tumblers, and a decanter), but here is what it looks like as of late, housed in his dining room.



Displaying image.jpeg



Displaying image.jpeg

Pictured: a collection of beer glasses, a stainless steel shaker, bitters, Grenadine, wine rack, Limoncello brought back from Europe, and a hefty amount of liquor.


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