Today, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Last night, I gave my first lecture in front of 60+ college students — my first lecture ever, which just happened to be about 2 hours long.

The satisfaction, relief, and happiness I feel to have gone way out of my comfort and done something so intimidating, feels amazing. I feel proud and excited to have that hurdle behind me, and can’t wait till I one day hopefully have my own class, so I can continue to become more comfortable speaking in front of people.

Needless to say, I am SO happy it’s Friday, and I plan to spend the weekend relaxing and relishing in the buzz of last night’s feat.

Have a great weekend!

IMG_0901[All American drinking glasses]

IMG_0727[A birthday gift from a friend with wrapping just as pretty as the gift inside was]

10767_10152013660308687_863174990_n[6 a.m. yoga at re:form with one of my best friends]

IMG_0880[Sparkly heels]

IMG_0904[Winter clementines]


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