A Healthy Snack


I am definitely someone who snacks throughout the day, so finding healthy alternatives to chips and dip or packaged cookies is always appealing. I tend to have a hard time eating a handful of raw almonds, and I’m not a huge yogurt person, so it’s always a challenge to find something that’s both appealing and heart-healthy.

I have made several recipes lately that have included kale in them, so I decided to try out making kale chips, with the inspiration of Emily Schuman and this recipe she used from The Food Network.

I added in 1/2 tbsp of truffle oil into my version, simply because I love the taste, and also added a little bit of parmesan on top once the kale was out of the oven. The results were perfect: definitely filled the void of potato chips, without the heaping levels of sodium and calories (and guilt!).







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