This week was eventful, fun, celebratory, and crazy busy. It was the Superbowl, my birthday, my mom’s birthday, and one of my best friend’s birthdays, all in one week!

My birthday is always a time where I find myself reflecting on what I’m grateful for, and my 24th birthday was no different. I am beyond thankful for the love and kindness that I was shown. This 24-year-old heart is feeling pretty darn full right now. Thank you to everyone who made me feel so special.

Celebrations are going to continue through this weekend, with a wedding I’m attending tonight and my own birthday celebration on Sunday.. can’t wait!

Till then, here are a few very simple things that are currently making me happy.

sacher torte[The sacher torte I made my mom for her birthday, atop our (new) gold cake plate]

IMG_0700[The vintage, wild west feel of my new eau de senteur from Anthropologie]

IMG_0724[A crisp morning sky after yoga at re:form]

IMG_0697[my kitschy $1 Buddha statue I recently painted gold]

IMG_0628[hair ties that are just as pretty as they are practical]

IMG_0772[enjoying a perfectly simple birthday lunch on the beach]

IMG_0732[Rose water hand soap in a fun, old-fashioned apothecary bottle]


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