In November of last year, I was offered a part-time job at a French fragrance boutique called Mistral.

France.. Fragrance.. Skincare.. Perfume.. Candles..

It was a dream come true, and quite serendipitous too, which made getting the job that much more special.

As a confessed ‘francophile’ and a perfume/fragrance addict (as previously mentioned in my perfume collection post), working at Mistral comes so naturally, and I could not be happier. The owners, the products, the history behind the store’s beginning almost 20 years ago, and the ambiance, really make it an amazing place to work. What started as a part-time job has become a place for me to channel my love for all things French and fragrant, and a place where I leave life’s other stresses at the door.

Basically, I love where I work, and I wanted to share some of the beautiful products that we sell, because well, I just love them.

IMG_0438Diptyque: The Ritz Carlton of candles, if you ask me. Each candle has such an incredibly complex and sophisticated scent, you may never want to by the basic Yankee Candle again. The price is steep ($60 for the standard size), but they are such an indulgent, special treat for yourself, or for a loved one who appreciates life’s little luxuries. ‘Rosamundi’ will be my first Diptyque purchase!

IMG_0442NUXE Dry Oil: Let’s just say this, I ventured into about 10 French pharmacies in Paris, trying to find this product. It is apparently something that ‘every French woman can’t live without’, and now I see why. Not only is it multifunctional, but the scent is divine. I love spraying this on my arms and legs when I get out of the shower, but I know some people also like to use it on the ends of their hair. Either way, it’s a beautiful product and an amazing gift for the beauty lovers you know.

IMG_0439Mistral Edition Boheme Soaps: These are my absolute favorite soaps in the store. They are so perfectly fragrant and fresh, and the triple-milled quality of the soap will make you forever question your traditional bar of Dove. Because they contain coconut oil and organic Shea butter, they can be used on the whole body and will hydrate and protect even your most delicate skin areas. And the packaging.. the packaging makes them even more fun for gift-giving, or as perfect pop of color next to your sink. My favorites: Blue Lotus and Plum Currant.

IMG_0443LCDP: La Compagnie de Provence. This line of ultra-posh Marseille soaps seem to be a cult classic, and are so worth the hype. The presentation is perfect for a sleek kitchen or bathroom counter, making such a statement even though it’s simply just soap. I have the Cherry scent at home, but next on my list is Orange Blossom.


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