Today is the last day of January, which means tomorrow is the start of one of my favorite months of the year: February.

Part of the reason why I love February is because it is my (and my mom’s) birthday month. However, the bulk of the reason why I love it – without sounding cliche – is because it is the ‘month of love’. Thanks to Valentine’s Day, the month of February gives me every excuse to buy all things pink, all things sweet, and all things cheesy/romantic.

I know some people think Valentine’s Day has strayed away from what it should mean, and to some extent I agree. However, to me, the time surrounding Valentine’s Day simply represents bountiful opportunities to celebrate all of the people I love in my life, and to shower them with love, sweets, and X’s and O’s.

Here are just a few simple things that I have been loving lately.

Displaying image.jpeg[Going through magazines for beauty, fashion, nutrition, and decorating inspiration]

Displaying image.jpeg[My new favorite snack: homemade kale chips]

IMG_0623[Gilded inspiration at my work via pretty gold coffee mugs]

IMG_0601[Being back on campus]

Displaying image.jpeg[Breakfast to go: peanut butter toast + bananas + chia + cinnamon]


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