The Look for Less

As a fashion blog reader, I find that I often want to recreate a look of the blogger I admire, but I can’t work with the price tags of the pieces shown. Enter: the look for less. My favorite lifestyle/fashion blogger, Emily Schuman, often does ‘look for less’ posts, which are some of my favorites, because they provide her readers with reasonable options, rather than dire ultimatums (i.e. either you pay the price, or you can’t recreate the look).

I love being able to find student-budget-friendly alternatives to great high-end pieces that may be slightly out of reach for a lot of people my age. A few weeks ago while shopping with my mom at Fashion Valley Mall, I found a dress that I was dying for (but couldn’t stomach buying) at Nordstrom, and then an hour later, found a perfect, slightly more casual and affordable alternative that I ended up buying. The end result: the same fashion concept, minus the buyer’s remorse.

When my mom and I found this dress at H&M (and obviously bought it), we were so happy that we did not splurge on this dress from Topshop.

[Above: Topshop Dress]

striped dress

[Above: H&M Dress]


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