It’s official, school has started.

I just had my first week of my last semester of graduate school, and I cannot even believe how time is flying. In just a few short months, I will (hopefully) be graduating with my M.A. and will begin yet another chapter of this thing called life.

Before things get too crazy with school, I plan to enjoy these last few days of January to the fullest. Today I’m supposed to go whale watching [if the weather plays in my favor] outside Dana Point Harbor this afternoon, and then end the day with celebratory family dinner for my beau.

I hope January ends on a great, celebratory note for everyone, as we head forth into the new year full force. In the meantime, here’s a look back at a few of my favorite moments of this past month.

IMG_0510[Ridiculously beautiful winter weather]

IMG_0499[New and old friends out for drinks]

IMG_0477[Possibly the best crepe I’ve ever had from Orange Blossom Cafe]

IMG_0473[Homemade pizza and beer with friends]

IMG_0463[Getting back into school mode]

IMG_0455[A commute with a view]


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