Just Breathe.

It is so easy to get caught up in the whirl-wind that is everyday life… trust me, I’m totally guilty of it. We so easily get wound up in what’s next, where our next destination is, and what we ‘should’ be doing. I think it’s part of the American ‘land of opportunity’ mantra — always learning the importance of planning for the bright future that you hope lies ahead of you. For me, I am currently caught up in the planning and scheduling of school, work, and my life after graduation. I tend to get so caught up thinking about what lies ahead of me, that I often times forget to embrace the ‘precious present’.

In order to combat this constant on-the-go mentality, I’ve recently gotten back into my yoga practice (thank you for the gift card, mom!)  — and I’ve never been happier. It’s been a great way to start the new year, and has served as a great reminder of just how important it is to stop what you’re doing every once in a while, and just breathe.  It’s the perfect escape from the constant need to be productive and forward-moving — even though it is actually quite productive in it’s own way.

Whatever your escape may be, I hope that you find a simple moment in each day to just be with yourself, breathing, living, and loving in the precious present.




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