I am no doctor, nor am I a herbalist. However, I am a big fan of vitamins.

[Photo courtesy of Creative Commons]

Some people will argue that your body filters out most of what is in the capsules we take everyday, but I have a more optimistic perspective: hey, they can’t hurt!

My mom and I are constantly on the hunt for the next best supplement on the market, and we love to share the wealth of new knowledge with one another. I personally really like doing the research and speaking with herbalists at my local natural food stores to figure out a new vitamin to add to my regime, in hopes that it will provide me with additional nutrients to take care of my body, both inside and out.

For anyone else out there who loves their supplements and alternative medicine, here are some of my absolute favorites:

Evening Primrose Oil: A natural source of the omega-6 essential fatty acid GLA. It is also marketed to help maintain a healthy hormonal balance. Honestly, I have noticed a significant improvement in the condition of my skin since taking this supplement every day. I’m not sure if there are other factors at play, but I could not be happier with how my skin has been since taking one evening primrose capsule a day.

Turmeric: Classic anti-inflammatory supplement that also promotes liver health. Since turmeric isn’t something I have in my weekly diet, I love taking the supplements in order to intake its wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits (because remember, many diseases can be traced back to some type of inflammation).

Cinnamon: Another anti-inflammatory supplement, that also helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. I do actually intake cinnamon in my food everyday (either in my oatmeal, on toast with peanut butter, or in coffee); however it is not enough to really reap the benefits. Taking a couple cinnamon supplements everyday helps me to intake more of the spice daily, in hopes that I may experience more of its natural remedial benefits.


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