Gilded Inspiration

It’s pretty apparent that I love the color gold. Clothes, makeup, jewelery, stationary, glitter… pretty much anything looks better with a sliver of gold running through it.

Don’t get me wrong, I think there are few things more classic than a dainty silver pendant necklace, but gold is just too fun.

Without going on about it much longer, here is a glimpse of many of the things in my life that are inspired by my love of gold.

IMG_0069[ super sweet and super affordable note cards for $1 at Target]

IMG_0071[A sweet gift my mom brought back for me from England — very traditional English Rose hand balm from Cath Kidston]

IMG_0070[my 2013-2014 planner and a brand new journal with a fun faux snake skin cover]

IMG_0076[a gold tray that corrals lots of gold tid bits]

IMG_0078[Victoria’s Secret glittery golds]

IMG_0077[even candles are more fun when they’re spiced up with a hint of gold]


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