Perfume Collection

I am a self-professed perfume addict, as well as a candle addict, skincare addict, and makeup addict. Hey, we all have our vice(s), right??

That being said, I have been collecting and wearing perfume since I can remember, as my dad used to bring me home a new bottle from Europe every time he’d travel. So in a way, I’ve sort of inherited my love of fragrance.. or at least been groomed to love it. As much as I’ve always wanted to have a signature scent, I love fragrance way too much to ever limit myself to just one scent. I love everything from heavy, musky sandalwood bases, to the utmost floral top notes. That being said, here’s my current collection:


[ My absolute favorite: Stella McCartney – Stella]

IMG_0051[Victoria’s Secret – Tease Please, Paco Rabanne – Lady Million, Katy Perry – Purr, Dior – Miss Dior Cherie, Thierry Mugler – Alien, Versace Crystal, Jo Malone – Basil Lime & Mandarin, Siore Paris – For Women, Diptyque – Do Son, Stella McCartney – Stella, Chanel – Chance]

In my opinion, one thing a woman should always be wearing, is perfume. πŸ™‚


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