Knightly and The Bird

A few months back, I was lucky enough to be contacted by the incredible, Knightly & The Bird, and was asked to be a part of her music video for her new single, +NEEDJA+..

Bucket List Wish To Be In A Music Video: CHECK!

I can’t even tell you what an awesome experience I had working with such a talented, kind-hearted, truly beautiful person. Knightly is one of a kind, and I am so SO grateful to have known her for as many as I have, and to have gotten to work with her on such an awesome piece of music/art/inspiration! Such a good song, such a fun video!

Here are some pictures from our day shooting the video, and below I will include a link to watch her music video, enjoy!







IMG_8634[That’s right.. I drove that car.. so cool!!]

Music Video for +NEEDJA+Β  –Β


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