Well hello, again! I’m back with another round of Friday Favorites.

We are now jetting off into the fall season (one of the best times of the year, if you ask me), and I couldn’t have more things to be excited about.

For one, I just finished all my midterms yesterday, woo! Such a relief to have those off my chest. Secondly, it is definitely starting to feel like fall around here — weather’s cooling down, Starbucks PSL’s are in full throttle, and Halloween is right around the corner!

This weekend, I have a few exciting events to attend – including a masquerade ball and a country concert – so I am so pumped for the weekend and can’t wait to spend time with my friends! But in the meantime, here are some *simple* things that have been making me happy lately.

IMG_9122_2 [I loved this look I wore to a 1920’s Gatsby party.]


[The excitement I felt when my nail polish matched perfectly with my dessert.]


[Currently next to my bed: fall inspired chai tea and a woodsy candle.]


[The last minute set up for what ended up being a huge international feast.]

IMG_9411[My outfit for this Sunday’s concert: shorts from Hollister, shirt from Urban, boots from a thrift store ]


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