Coconut Chai

I have SUCH a thing for coconut milk.. and I don’t normally get this way with food items. I love that it’s dairy free (yet full of important vitamins), affordable (especially at Trader Joe’s), and it goes perfectly with all the things I would use milk for (cereal, oatmeal, ice cream, and coffee drinks).

I normally just throw in an ounce or so of coconut milk into a cup of black tea or chai tea, but this morning I decided to go all out. I have my final midterm today, so I treated myself to a more indulgent coconut chai latte, {to go}.

It’s nothing fancy, and nothing you couldn’t do without reading this, but because I loved it so much, I wanted to share the recipe I used.



– 3 scoops of chai latte mix (I got mine from World Market)

–Β  Sprinkle of cinnamon

– 4 oz. of hot coconut milk

– 7-8 oz. of hot water

* Note: I like everything diluted, so if you prefer a richer chai, I would recommend using less water *






– Begin by boiling about a cup of water.

– Warm 4 oz. of coconut milk in the microwave (about 35 seconds will do)

– In the cup of your choice, mix chai mix and a dash of cinnamon (for extra anti-inflammatory benefits πŸ™‚ )

– Just before water begins to boil, pour your preferred amount of water into your cup and mix with chai powder and cinnamon.

– End by mixing in the 4 oz. of coconut milk.

– Use a fun straw if you’re feelin’ fancy, or take it to go in a mason jar.




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