August is always such a bittersweet month. It means the end of summer, and the beginning of a new school year [well, at least for those of us who still live around the academic year schedule]. This has easily been one of the best summers of my life – a big statement, I know – and I am definitely sad to see it end. But as I have said before, when something great ends, it brings about the opportunity for another something great to begin. For me, that something great is my last year of my Masters program. Can’t believe it’s already almost here.

On that note, here are a few simple things that speak to the greatness of this summer and make me so sad to see it come to an end.

IMG_8229[Cookies from It’s a Grind – Ask the barista to warm it up for you… it is seriously life changing.]

IMG_8345[Beach walks with my mom – a weekly, sometimes daily tradition for us. They are what I looked forward to most summer mornings]

IMG_7550_2[A picture of me and my boyfriend in Yellowstone, one of the many stops of our 17-day road trip we took in May.]

IMG_8408[Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Glosses/Glosstinis – my favorite drugstore nail polish line. I honestly want to own every color that’s available.]


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