The Gift of Giving

Without sounding cheesy, I really do enjoy giving gifts rather than getting them. You know that moment when you give a thoughtful gift and then see the recipient’s reaction — well there are few better things in the world I think.

In light of Mother’s Day and my friends’ upcoming college graduations, I thought I would show you all some of the gifts I will be giving! I hope that somewhere in the midst, you find inspiration for your next opportunity to gift!

[This ‘Black Orchid & Amber’ soy candle from Target not only looks pretty, but it smells awesome – my thought process was that this candle will remind the recipient of me.. since I’m overly obsessed with anything amber]

[My 5 Year Anniversary gift to my boyfriend: Pudding filled cupcakes, a digital photo album of our five years together, and a cheesy card]

[a kitschy, yet sentimental friendship bracelet from World Market that I plan to send along with a homemade card to a few friends for graduation]

[Homemade gifts – treats especially – go a long way! I made Reese’s Chip Cookies from scratch for my family and then set aside a few for my boyfriend so I could play around with wrapping]

[A little graduation package I put together for one of my oldest friends – she is heading to Thailand for the summer, so I found a few treasures at World Market that to me, just oozed of Asian essence]

[A note on gift giving: wrapping is important too! I envy those people who wrap effortlessly. Me, well I have to think long and hard about it, but I realized that I always notice great wrapping. Recently I’ve done my best to make every gift a little extra special by also paying attention to presentation.]


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