Friday Favorites: doing my best to be on my ‘A’ game with these! However my weekend getaways have left me entirely distracted… oopsies!

This week felt really productive. After an amazing weekend away, I conquered my Mother’s Day presents as well as many of my graduation cards/gifts for my wonderful friends who are graduating this spring. Graduation is such a bittersweet moment in life [my graduation in December definitely was]. But when something great ends, something else great starts — which is the only thing I can tell my friends to ease their anxiousness. The same thing can be said for a week’s time — once one week ends, you have the chance to start fresh with another.. so cheers to that!

Here are a few things that can definitely be considered weekly favorites plus a few new, fun finds

[The Saguaro Hotel, Palm Springs: The epitome of mid-century modern — my favorite!]

[Stella by Stella McCartney: Smells like ‘Amber Rose’ — it combines two of my favoriteΒ scents]

[Beauty Rush Baked Shadow in ‘Gold Glow’ by Victoria Secret: perfect gold shadow for a simple, shimmery summer eye]

[My newest color obsession: Lilac — via my new SwitchEasy iPhone case and L’oreal nail polish in ‘Butterfly Kisses’]


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