Patriotic Pants

This post is a bit delayed, but alas it has arrived! My friend Andrea and I decided that for Stagecoach [our favorite weekend of the year], we wanted to go all out — insert DIY American Flag Shorts.

I had seen so many tutorials, but went with a spin off of these [thanks to Ascot Friday!], which ended up being the best decision! The number of compliments we received was amazing, and we had so much fun running around the desert with them on.

You will need:

– a pair of jean shorts you don’t mind cutting/dying

– red and blue fabric paint

– paint brushes

– painting tape

– adhesive felt stars

– newspaper [to put inside your shorts so the paint doesn’t leak through]

Rather than talking you through each step, here are some pictures that speak for the process itself:

* Remember: make them your own! Andrea and I liked different stripe arrangements – I liked the horizontal look, and she liked the vertical look. We made our shorts unique and perfectly “us”, even though we did them together. Trust me, that’s half the fun! *


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