As promised, I am continuing the tradition of posting some of my favorite things on Fridays!

This week has been hectic – planning a trip to L.A. to shadow my Aunt at her awesome job, attempting to plan a summer trip to Europe, all the while interning M-F and trying to keep up on my blog. Being busy is easier said than done. But nonetheless, there have still been simple little things keeping me happy. Here are a few of them:

[Ralph Lauren ‘Home Fragrance Spray’ in Engish Cottage that makes my room smell fresh and floral]

[my Chanel makeup storage bag that makes doing my makeup so much easier and also makes me feel glamorous – thanks mom!]

[my brother (any the rest of my family for that matter) for being loving and unconditional, no matter how indecisive I become]

[Home: after a crazy storm, this is what I am gifted with — a beautiful day living in a beautiful place]

So despite everything, I guess I should count my blessings, because life could always be worse πŸ™‚


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