Simple and Subtle

My first day on the job was: everything I thought it would be. Office orientation, tax forms, and the meet and greet all. But since then I have learned how amazing it is to be an intern. You learn so much, so quickly, but don’t have that ultra-stress of being a full-time employee. I can already feel this is going to be a wonderful experience.

But aside from all that, I have forgotten what it’s like to dress up for work. My particular company approves “business smart” and “business casual”, so I’m lucky enough to be able to incorporate pieces from my everyday wardrobe, while also staying professional.

For my first day I chose my favorite chunky sweater [Forever 21], a dress-length white button-up [Armani Xchange], black skinnies [H&M], and my favorite flats [Tory Burch]. I topped it off with my Michael Kors Rose Gold watch and a Liz Claiborne carry-all that I can finally put to good use!


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